C.G. Jung Institute – Boston

The C.G. Jung Institute–Boston is a Massachusetts and Federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1977, dedicated to the study and dissemination of the psychological theories and methods originated by Carl Gustav Jung. The Jung Institute is a gathering place for self-discovery and for the exploration of Jungian-oriented thoughts and ideas.

Through its public programs, the Institute offers Jungian lectures, workshops, and groups to help individuals and clinicians develop greater self-awareness, creative expression, and psychological insight – individually, in relationships, and with the community. 

The Institute also offers an Auditor and Analyst Training Program that is authorized by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and is accredited by the American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis, Inc.   This Program trains highly qualified individuals to become Jungian analysts, and allows some interested individuals to audit the first stage of training to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Jungian Psychology. For more information about training, please go to Professional Training.


Training Board

President: Brian Hobbs, M.Ed.
Secretary: Stuart Sherman, MSW

Treasurer: Jason Smith, MA.
Board Member: Pamela Blau, MA.
Board Member: Francine Lorimer, Psy.D.
Board Member: Michelle Seligson, M.Ed.

Advisory Board Member: Robert Childs, Psy.D.


As the Training Board we are committed to the teaching and maintaining of clear and ethical boundaries in psychotherapeutic work. This is in order to protect patients, trainees, and analysts, and to safeguard the integrity of our training institute. This statement is given as an affirmation of our commitment to the principles laid out in our ethics code. To that end, the Training Board wishes to clearly state that any analyst involved in the training program is required to be in compliance with the ethics code.

NESJA Executive Committee

President: Jill Fischer, PsyA, APRN, BC.
Secretary: Joanne Spilios, MCMHC.
Co-Treasurer: Lucia Maneri, LMHC
Co-Treasurer: Pamela Donleavy, JD.


Feel free to contact any of us through the
Institute Administrator, Deborah Warfield at:

C.G. Jung Institute–Boston
21 Hartford Street
Newton, MA 02461

Telephone: (617) 796-0108
Fax: (617) 796-0109
Email: cgjungbos1@aol.com



The library of the C.G. Jung Institute–Boston serves the needs of training candidates and faculty, as well as the larger community of Jungian analysts belonging to NESJA. It is open to the public for those interested in exploring and researching topics in Jungian and Jungian-related studies.

Our book collection contains over 2,000 volumes, covering a broad range of Jungian psychological topics, many written by Jungian analysts. It also includes many volumes on Freudian and other psychoanalytic theories and practices. Books on religion, mythology, fairy tales, and alchemy are well represented. The library subscribes to the major Jungian journals in English and maintains back files on them. Our extensive reference collection of over 300 volumes includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, indices, and directories. We also have a collection of approximately 600 audiovisual tapes and discs.

Titles in the collection can be accessed online by computer or in the library, where a computer is available for searches. Go to www.libraryworld.net/opac to begin your search. Borrowing privileges are restricted to member analysts and trainees. Otherwise, the library is open to all for study, browsing, and research when the Institute is open. There is no charge for using our facility, and no appointment is necessary, but please call or email the Institute office at (617) 796-0108 or cgjungbos1@aol.com to confirm on-site hours of operation.   

Jung Library Portal

On the Jung Library Portal, our “Library Name” is “Jung Library,” and no password is required to enter.