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Embodied Imagination Dreamwork

by Robert Bosnak

Imagination embodiedIt is very hard to prove to yourself that you’re truly awake as you’re reading this. In dreaming too you’re convinced you are awake. The experiential definition of dreaming that holds true the world over is: “I’m somewhere where something happens and then I wake up.” Dreaming is a place. Embodied imagination (EI) is a method that gives us access to that place by means of artificial flashbacks into dreaming. Once back in dreaming, while awake, we are in a fully imagined environment. The one I call ‘I’ is being dreamed just as much as anything or anyone else in this realm. It is an ecosystem of multiple embodiments that exist simultaneously. EI as a method allows us to shift away from the embodiment with which we are usually identified, ‘I’, towards the subjectivity of other embodied states. As we shift away from our habitual consciousness we gain access to fresh and hitherto unexplored embodied intelligence. It can change our lives. Continue reading Embodied Imagination Dreamwork