Ways to Wholeness: A Jungian-oriented Writing Workshop

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Ways to Wholeness: A Jungian-oriented Writing Workshop
Susan Tiberghien, B.A.

Friday, April 27, 2018: 1 pm – 4 pm
Cost: $45

“The attainment of wholeness requires one to stake one’s whole being. Nothing less will do.” C.G. Jung
How has the concept of wholeness been perceived throughout the centuries? How did Jung answer the longing for wholeness?  How do we answer? With excerpts from Jung’s The Red Book and Memories, Dreams, Reflections, along with excerpts from Thomas Merton, Annie Dillard, and Orhan Pamuk, we will consider different ways to wholeness, from journaling and active imagination to the quiet practice of Zen. In bringing the pieces together–within ourselves and within the world around us—we will uncover our essential oneness.

Susan Tiberghien, an American writer living in Geneva, Switzerland, has published three memoirs Looking for Gold, Circling to the Center, Footsteps-A European Album, and the highly appreciated writing book, One Year to a Writing Life, plus two new titles published in 2015: Side by Side: Writing Your Love Story and Footsteps: In Love with a Frenchman.  She teaches at C.G. Jung Centers, at the International Women’s Writing Guild, and at writers’ centers and conferences in the States and in Europe where she directs the Geneva Writers’ Group. For more information visit:  www.susantiberghien.com

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“Finding and Celebrating Oneness”
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