Know Thy Self – C.G. Jung’s Personality Types, with Olga P. Turcotte

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Know Thy Self – C. G. Jung’s Personality Types
Olga Turcotte, Lecturer and Consultant

Saturday, May 20th: 10 am – 4 pm  $75

Are you interested in knowing more about your true Self? Do you, at times, feel / intuit / sense or think you are and can be more than you have been? Join us to learn more about your true personality type and how you can tap into and develop it to have a fuller, more authentic life. We will look at the four main psychic functions (feeling, intuition, sensing and thinking) as described by C. G. Jung as well as focus on introversion and extraversion, the way our psychic energy flows. C. G. Jung’s research and findings almost a century ago paved the way for most present day personality tests, including Briggs-Myers and Keirsey Temperament Sorter. At the end of this workshop we will have an increased understanding of ourselves and of the other. We will know more about our differences which will help recognize and reinforce our commonalities.

Olga E. P. Turcotte is based in Cambridge, MA.  Her interest in analytical psychology started in the mid 80’s while she was still living in Dr. Jung’s native Switzerland and has grown into her vocation over the years. She has lived and studied in seven countries and has worked in the fields of consulting, corporate finance, non-profit management and education. Her areas of special interest include history, mythology, religion and symbolism.

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“Know Thy Self – C.G. Jung’s Personality Types”
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