General Information

A Jungian analyst or psychoanalyst is an individual who has been granted a diploma by a Jungian training institute accredited by the International Association of Analytical Psychology. The diplomate, as a member of IAAP, may then use the designation “IAAP” after his or her name.

Training requirements vary somewhat from institute to institute around the world, but accredited training universally includes an in-depth study and demonstrated mastery of the theories of C.G. Jung; controlled practice, under intense supervision, of Jungian analysis; and, most importantly, a lengthy personal analysis.

A number of psychotherapists, knowledgeable about Jungian theory and/or sympathetic to Jung’s worldview, refer to themselves as “Jungian therapists” or “Jungian-oriented.” If, however, they have not fully met the above criteria they may not refer to themselves as Jungian analysts. Click here to see the list of Diplomates in Analytical Psychology who are members of the New England Society of Jungian Analysts.